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Static and Site Security

All our static security guards are SIA licensed and despite the title of Static Guarding, our guards are far from stationary. A vital part of their duty is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols.

The main reason for security patrols are:  
 To prevent fire, flood and damage to your property. 
To prevent waste of your company’s resources.
To prevent accidents. 
To detect and prevent offences. 


All are guards are trained to the highest standards in skills including first aid, fire protection, fire fighting, conflict management and health and safety to enable them to respond correctly to any incident. 

Every guard coming onto a site receives a full induction briefing so they can get to know their way around and what to expect from the day ahead. All guards are backed up by the 24 hour operations and response teams, and have strict policies to follow for their safety and the safety of you and your property.  
All our sites and guards will receive random visits from a member of the management team to ensure the services you are receiving are to the highest standards and to ensure the safety and well being of our team.